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Visitors say, now this is a real bookstore...

Poor Richard's BookstoreWelcome to Poor Richard's Books, home of thousands of books across from the state's beautiful Old Capitol building.

Want a good book to read at home during the next several weeks?  We are doing curbside delivery from a chair in front of the store.  Or we can send books to you, your friend or relative in another town or state.  We are still receiving inventory and trying to find the new normal.

So, pretend that curbside is really the old “car-hop” scene, grab your “curbside” coffee drink from the Kentucky Coffeetree Café and pick up your very real “curbside” book from Poor Richard’s Books.  Call (502) 223-8018.We miss you!  Our stores are meant to be full, our city bustling, our minds at ease.  More than ever books can help us escape reality.  Keep those pages turning and be safe!

*Search results on this website are not a real-time indication of our in-store stock. To see if a title is available for immediate pick-up, please contact us by phone (502-223-8018) or by email ( Thank you! *